Sandbox environment: questions?

Dear Team, Regarding your Sandbox environment, we have few questions: 1. Do you provide only "scaRedirect", or and some other SCA methods; 2. Get Accounts/Balances/Transactions header: Consent ID not supported as per your specification, but is a must regarding the BG standard, and should be supported. So, do you support it? 3. Get transactions response: the creditorAccount and debtorAccount objects contains a lot of elements which are not specified in BG standard. Please for confirmation, do you really return all the elements under the two objects? 4. Post payment response contains no links, so we don't know how to authorize a payment (redirect/embedded/decoupled). In that case, how a PIS flow should be completed? 5. Get Payment status - response contains a lot fields which are not defined in Berlin Group, what is the reason for that? We will more than happy to receive your replay. Kind regards, Damian -------------------- Kind regards, Damian Damianov Systems Analyst Upcoming holidays: none Worldline and equensWorldline are a registered trademarks and trading names owned by Worldline Group. This e-mail and the documents attached are confidential and intended solely for the addressee. If you receive this e-mail in error, you are not authorized to copy, disclose, use or retain it. Please notify the sender immediately and delete this email from your systems. As emails may be intercepted, amended or lost, they are not secure. EquensWorldline and the Worldline Group therefore can accept no liability for any errors or their content. Although equensWorldline and the Worldline Group endeavours to maintain a virus-free network, we do not warrant that this transmission is virus-free and can accept no liability for any damages resulting from any virus transmitted. The risks are deemed to be accepted by everyone who communicates with equensWorldline and the Worldline Group by email.

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